How do I make female friends when I have zero contact with them?


I am 24 from Delhi, studied in boys' school (no girls), graduated from top engineering college (hardly any girl there, you know), working with startup (again zero girls).
What are my options? I do not want to switch from this cool startup to another company just for the sake of female colleagues.


Based on the information provided by you, you're left with limited options.
  1. Partying: I'm not sure what kind of females you're looking for but if you go out partying then you're going to find all sort of females; the dance freak, the alcoholic, the party animal, loner and all others. Most of them are open for good and trustworthy friendships.
  2. Hang out with your friends more often: If you have friends who hang out with girls, you should start hanging out with them more often and you can expect to meet some of their female friends sooner or later. You can later throw a birthday party or something and invite your friends as well as their friends.
  3. Dating Apps: Dating applications are actually not just for dating. You can always end up making good friends on such apps. I don't personally like them but they work wonders. I know people who not only found a partner but their better halves on dating apps, so making friends shouldn't be a problem.
Meeting girls is easy, getting to know them isn't that difficult either but making them interested in knowing more and more about you takes lots and lots of efforts and sincerity. Good luck.

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