How common is "Friends With Benefit" in India?

Very common. We just don't call it friends with benefits in India. We prefer to call it subtler terms like
  • "It's Complicated"
  • "We have a great relationship but I won't marry her/him. I want to go with my parents choice."
  • "We have great chemistry but he/she is my best friend!"
  • Oh and my most favourite - "We meet up in her/his house ONLY to study together." Some even call it "Group Study!"

It is a trend which has started catching up in India. The major advantage with FWB is that you don't have to introduce your partner(s) to your parents. You can have a proper arranged marriage, while having sexual benefits from your partner(s) on the side (before marriage as well as afterwards)...
I know some guys who had 3-4 FwBs and never had any serious relationships. Later they all had arranged marriages as per their parents wishes, but the shocking thing is some of the guys are continuing with their FwBs even after their marriage. Nobody can tell what the long-term consequences of their actions can be...
In my personal view, the FwB arrangement is not a practical concept. One aspect is that a partner may catch feelings for the other over time and ruin their friendship. The other aspect is that FwBs are not always exclusive and cannot expect to be so. Basically what I mean is that if a guy has 3 FwB girls, then it is quite likely that each of these girls may have 3 FwB guys. The guy will not like to know about this, but at the same time cannot expect his 3 FwBs to be solely "devoted" to him :p After all they're friends, not lovers, right?

I can tell you this. I have a lot of single friends who are not in any relationship. They are all having a lot of sex, sometimes with people who are in relationships. Casual sex is common. Sex outside of a relationship is common. Hooking up is common. Nobody has ever used the term FWB as far as I remember. There are other ways of describing it like Arushi's post says.
This is commoner in cities where there are a lot of outsiders living away from prying eyes of family. Cities which have a good IT/Call centre population. Cities which have a good expat population. Among young people who have access to money and a vibrant lifestyle.
Nothing wrong with it. Everyone needs to get some. 

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