How can you beat Airtel's 4G challenge and get them to pay your bills for a lifetime?

Yes, You can beat Airtel 4G challenge if you first read the terms and conditions:-

  • registration betn 06 August 2015 to 02 December 2015 (“Campaign Period”)  OK
  • The venue of the Challenge (“Designated Center”) will be communicated by email / SMS on the day of the challenge WTF, Do I have to go to their venue? why not my bedroom or living room of my house or lobby of my office? where actually I use my phone?
  • There can be no walk-in challengers and only Eligible Challengers shall be allowed to participate. OK, though hoping for gate crashing such venue.
  • The Challenge will be conducted on mobile phones using mobile internet only.OK, though I had in mind to link with a 100mbps internet backbone wifi. as there are no 4G competitions as of now.
  • There is no fee payable by the Challenger for participation. OK
  • On the day of the Challenge, SIM cards of all commercially available networks in the particular City as on 05th August, 2015 shall be made available by the independent external agency at the Designated Center. OMG, this is crippling, what will be the case, if airtel has purchased poor quality sim cards of the other operators? Or recharged with 2G internet packs? Why can't our sim work for them?
  • During the Challenge, the Eligible Challenger must only use any one out of the provided mobile phone devices. These would be standard handsets of various leading brands available in the open market. Use of any other mobile phone device will not be permitted. This is unfair, why cant we use our own phones in the challenge? What if their phones are rigged in /system/  or in IP tables or  hardware config???
  • Challenge shall only be conducted once for each Eligible Challenger and no requests for repeats or re-conducting the Challenge will be entertained. No statistical reliability with them? Even when pitted against 3G, they will not conduct the challenge again.
  • The SIM card and the mobile phone device opted for by the Eligible Challenger must be returned immediately upon completion of the Challenge. OK, I would prefer stealing the airtel representative highly optimized phone.
  • Only such Eligible Challenger who successfully beats the download speed on the Airtel representative’s device for all 3 steps as provided herein above, shall be declared the winner of the Challenge (“Winner”). OK
  • If Airtel suspends or cancels the Challenge during the Challenge, all proceedings of the Challenge up to such suspension or cancellation will be null and void. Airtel will not be liable to compensate any Eligible Challenger for any postponement or cancellation. Worst Part, if accidently you see that you are winning even in such strapped conditions, Airtel will suspend and you will not get any "winning amount".

So you have in terms and condition:-
  1. rigged phone (hardware)
  2. rigged sim cards (2g-3g only) vs 4g sim
  3. rigged venue.

So challenger is virtually nonexistant and constant and he has no choice other than to lose.