How can I earn Rs 1 crore from Rs 25000 in 6 months?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

Nothing is impossible but can this be done, lets see.

Goal: 1 crore in 6 months
~Rs 16 Lakh in a month (~ means approximately)
~Rs 53 Thousand in a day
~Rs 2220 in an hour

You cannot make that much money selling your time, that is working for someone. You will have to be selling something great to thousands of people.

Lets say you make a product named X priced at Rs 200. (Decent enough I believe).

To make Rs 2220 in an hour you need to sell X to around 23 people every hour which is equal to selling to around 552 people in a day to make 53 thousand. If you are selling it yourself you can only sell for 8 hours (you will be exhausted), you need to keep selling 24/7. So you need someone else too selling it for you (Probably multiple sellers).

If the market for your product is just India, you cannot sell it for 24 hours. When you go to sleep most of India will already be asleep. You need to sell X globally so that your product can be bought for 24 hours all around the world.

At the price of Rs 200 you need to sell around 50,000 units of X to make 1 Crore. You cannot make it yourself. You need someone else to make it for you. Making a tangible good priced at 200 and 50,000 units is a difficult task to achieve and the production cost will be out of your budget. You need to build something intangible something electronic like a software or something that can be sold in electronic form.

Now the question is what will the product X be? Here are my 2 ideas.
1. Self a book. It should be worth reading otherwise it wont sell.
2. Write a software that 50,000 people need.

What can you do with the 25000 you have?
Use it for advertising and marketing. You will need a lot of it to sell to so many people globally.

The price you put on your product determines how many units you need to sell and for how many hours.

So your only goal should be to make a product that thousands of people need. Money will follow.

EDIT: Please don't take the numbers at its face value. Making that much is not as easy as it looks like. The answer is only a plan of what is possible and not a real business plan. You need to consider taxes, commissions, salaries and so many more other expenses that come in between.

The above is not an exaggeration either. A close friend of mine has a small team which builds software products for Big Companies. Their pricing is based on per employee usage. It took them 2 years to build the software and its been 6 months since they first started acquiring customers. They have 3 paid customers and each customer has about 200-700 employees. Their monthly income as of now is close to 1.5 Lakhs (Before taxes and salaries). If they get 10 more customers with 200-1000 employees each they will cross the revenue of 1 crore.

Opinion 2:-

Pre-requisites: Strong verbal ability, Great public presence.

Recognize this guy ?

Or her?

You might have guessed what it is that I am suggesting now.

Welcome to the big fat Indian Shamming Society (Read: Hindustani Babaji/Sant/Mahatma Sangh) which boasts of famous personalities such as the great Radhe Maa and the miraculous Nirmal Baba in its ranks.

Now, the first thing you would have to do is absolutely free: lose any sense of self righteousness and conscience that you may have. This is absolutely vital as all the following steps would rely on how well it is that you can rid yourself of these humanly emotions.

Done? Cool! Moving on, the second step too would be very simple. Have a substantial online presence. This includes a Twitter handle, a Facebook account and channels on all the major video playback and live streaming channels including YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe et al.


 some really provocative stuff that may be really appealing to some of the so called "minorities and the backward classes" telling them of how they can overcome all the "deep problems" that they are in. The suggested solutions can be absolutely bizarre as was shown by the great methods that Nirmal Baba used to suggets. Find some low self esteem, poor people to give testimonies of your greatness on the show itself. This should be easily manageable if you can pay each of the "witnesses" a meager amount of about 500 bucks each.

Find some way to put in paid news in the media. This may include bribing of reporters or news channels. Since we have a very limited budget, start off with some of the smaller regional channels. Make them to portray you as a messiah or a hero of the minorities.

Keep re-investing whatever revenues you may be earning so far and keep expanding your support base. If all goes well, you may be able to achieve your target mark of Rs. 1 Crore.