Do you know somebody who had private and sensitive footage leaked without their permission? What were their lives like after?

Answer :-

Case 1:-

Not video but pictures.

That bastard created fake profiles with her name and naked pics and sent friend requests to people on FB. The news spread like wildfire and was the talking point for many days as students and faculties of our Institution used to constantly recieve friend requests from that fake profile for quite a long time. 

She was very outspoken and a bright spark of our institution but that incident brought her much negative fame.

She was hurt, depressed, shattered and blamed herself entirely for the incident. She even started showing suicidal behaviours.But that's not how her story was going to end .The brave heart sought help to fight her depression and received it in ample amount.She began to move on and gradually got rid of the self blame.She bounced back. Her good friends and few faculties supported her in the process but the key was her own willingness (which took some time) and determination to overcome the problem. 

Today she is working in a reputed organization and living life to the fullest.Her pics are no more in social media and the fake profiles have also been disabled.She never hides away from us old friends and  is very much active on social media with her real a/c. She often shares motivational quotes and messages and is back as a 'Social Butterfly' which she always has been,both in her real and virtual life.Happy Ending! Or I would say Happy Start to her new life! 

We truly admire her for keeping her courage and hope alive to fight such unfortunate incident.

Its not the problem but the reaction to the problem that creates chaos in our life.

Case 2:-

It is the story of a couple from one prominent college in India. Somehow, their intimate pics and videos got leaked over intranet and soon over internet. The couple had no idea until the content spread like fire. They both were really good looking and really nice to everyone. They had some huge group of friends also.
What happened next?
They completely cut themselves off from friends and relatives. They kept themselves in their rooms, didn't attend most of their classes, rarely talked to their friends, cut themselves off from any social networking site and tried to live as low as possible. We never saw them meeting in campus like they usually used to do.
The good part was that they were always there for each other and never let the circumstances ruined their relationship. Yes, they were not able to meet in public but somehow they managed to keep their relationship going.
Time was going to heal everything of course and they knew it.

After college, i hear that they are still together and soon to get married. I wish them all the best.

Case 3:-

A girl was molested by her boyfriend in college ground in broad day light.

I was in 2nd year of my engineering and there was a guy in our batch. He was a friend of one of my friends. He was physically strong and very daring kind of guy. He got in relationship with a junior girl. She was quite attractive and I am not sure how they were together. I was told she had not yet accepted his offer but they were going strong.

One fine afternoon, he went with his friends and drunk heavily. I was told that they instigated him and what happened next was never thought off. He straightly went to that girl and tried to kiss her well in front of everyone. She resisted and he was adamant. For next fifteen minutes he brutally kissed her and it was after college principal and staff intervened that he let her go.

He was expelled from college, but saved from police action as his parents begged for pardon to girls parents.

Girl did not come to college for few months. She joined in next semester and seemed to have leading a normal life. I never heard any disgusting comment from anyone to that girl.


Girl is happily married as I see her pictures on facebook.
Boy did some IT course and no one is in touch with him. Last I heard was he is struggling to find a job and keeps very low profile.

Case 4:-

One of my senior who was in my college and hostel, her boyfriend leaked her video and pictures , because she was dating someone else in college along with him, guy who leaked her video was from her hometown and they had a relationship from 2 years. That guy was kind a psycho, he always use to track her and get her details from her friends, like where she is, with whom she talk, etc etc.

One day he called her and the number was busy, he had her all friends numbers,parent's number.Now to get to know with whom she is talking he tried on each and every number and found that she was talking to his guy friend from her class because that guy's number was also busy. Now when he asked her, she lied that she was talking to her mom. So these kind of things freak his mind, and he uploaded pictures and video of her from herFacebook account(because he had her password) and he also tagged her friends, family members, some teachers of college who were added in her Facebook contact, and after doing this he changed her Facebook password too.

Now imagine, how will be the life of that girl? Her parents disown her(After 2-3 years things were slightly settled though),classmates, friends asking her what happened just for curiosity and make fun of her, she was the only topic among guys specially,Hostel warden use to pass comments on her,juniors-seniors use to stare her from top to bottom and then start laugh, gossip etc.

But she was bold and brave, she did not let these things affect her career. She cried, she was all alone, but she did not leave college, she survived in that atmosphere,from where she wanted to run away, after 3 years she got a good placement. Although she graduated from college, but still every year new students come and they get those pics and videos from seniors and those pics and video are still viral in our college.

I hope now she will be enjoying new phase of her life, with new identity where people have no idea about her past.

Case 5:-

Oh yes, a friend of mine and classmate since elementary. We were in fourth year high school when a video of her leaked or a scandal. She said she was drunk, and she was with her boyfriend and her friends. 

I never watched the video,I just cant.  Everyone including our teachers and faculty knows about it. It was a big news, she was suspended but they don't actually have to suspend her as she stopped going to school because of embarrassment.

I still can't imagine she would lose her Virginity at such young age and in front of others and in a not expected way. I feel bad for her. I used to tell her " joice, if I were a guy I would court you." 

Unfortunately, she was not able to handle the judgements of other people. She was not able to handle to criticism and she had no guts to face other people.  Yes she attempted  suicide but fortunately she survived. It was not yet her time.

She used her second life to live life to the fullest and learn the lesson. Right now, she is in 2nd year college a student of BS Biology in a good school.

Case 6:-

On a very small scale, an ex boyfriend of mine took photos of me while I was asleep and shared them with friends. 

As far as I know, they were never publicly posted on the internet, nor did my employers and family see them. 

I am no longer on speaking terms with my ex, and am no longer friends with the people who I thought (at the time) were good friends of mine. His sister had been one of my closest friends previously, but she seemed to think it wasn't a big deal, and didn't really believe he had done what he did, anyway. I certainly learned a lesson about trust. 

When I was in the process of divorcing my ex-husband, he spread it around that I had a psychological disorder (had been evaluated for a mild learning disability, diagnosis not confirmed), told people I was abusing drugs, and accused me of having stabbed him. Not a word of it was true, but there were people who believed it. It nearly cost me my custody case, definitely cost me a ton of money on attorney and court fees, and affected my reputation. I moved out of state and started over, so I ended up losing my business, career prospects, and support network in the process. As far as public opinion goes, it doesn't really matter if what you've done is true (evidence leak) or a complete fabrication.

My son and I are both doing fine, happy and healthy. I think the people in my life now are more trustworthy, even if there are fewer of them.

Case 7:-

I know such a girl. She was from my school. We studied in the same coaching centre.

I also knew the guy who leaked the video. The guy was a bully.

After the video leaked, the girl stopped coming to the coaching classes. I never saw the video, and I was incensed that the guy who did it sat in front of me.  One weekend I went to her house, found it locked. The entire family had shifted to another city, no one knew where.

Life went on..

Fast forward a couple of years. I was studying in kolkata. One night as I caught the train to return to kolkata from home, I thought I saw that girl sitting in the same compartment. I wasn't sure at first, but soon I realised it was her. I went ahead and asked her. We talked  . she was studying in a famous medical college in pune.

I never asked her anything even remotely related to that incident. She seemed to have moved on, and I was glad she was happy.

Few months back I heard about the guy from a mutual friend. He had an accident and had lost a leg. He didn't complete his graduation, and was an addict.
There is surely something called karma. It may not work the way we want it to, but it does exist.

Case 8:-

Yes, I know a couple who faced a similar situation. It was none other than me and my ex-girlfriend.

We were pretty young, sophomores. Like Bernard Shaw said, "first love is a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity", we decided to settle our curiosities inside an internet-cafe cabin. (In our country, illogical laws and absurd morals of the hypocritical society have made options quite less). We forgot to foresee the curiosities of the internet cafe employees. They took some stunning shots. A simple foreplay(no nudity) with some real editing and shot angle selections made it look like a real action in the video, which I saw myself a couple of years later in an "informative" website. (Oh, I was looking for some other good videos least expecting mine)

Since all my friends watched and shared, the video became an instant hit.

The outcome was simple. I realized that I had NO real friends. None of my friends or relatives ever discussed it with me. There were only sarcasm, teasing, sometimes hatred for humiliating a girl (as if only my girlfriend was there in the video), [some (mostly girls) even stopped talking to me] and a ton of sympathy in their eyes and words(which I hated the most). My girlfriend blamed me for everything and became my ex.

Now regarding my attitude towards the incident. Not a bit I regret what I did (maybe how I did. The whole of my immaturity was eminent in the video). I wasn't murdering anyone and I'd no thoughts of betraying anyone, particularly my ex. (Oh, I loved her.) So there was no question of guilty feeling. But I learnt a lot of new things about society and people.

Anyway, my ex-GF is now living happily married expecting a baby and I am also living a better life.

Case 9:-

Yes, I know one personally, because I happen to be one of them, I have read the answers but nobody gave a first hand experience. So the story started very simply, I joined a newly opened college,  I was an outgoing character and never was ashamed in putting my point forward, may be that or may be something else triggered a few disturbed minds, they attempted twice or thrice making a fake profile page of mine, or making a few fan club pages, obviously stealing my private and public images, it was intrusive, disgusting and plainly said, sad. It was just cowardice on the part of perpetrator, what happened to me: I got depressed, fell sick, was bedridden, had a phase where I was suicidal as well, had a lot of mood swings from happy to sad, I literally had no one to talk to, because I didn't know who to trust and who not to, I channelled all my energy into what I thought I could do, being in a college, I started to study, which I never did much before college. I wouldn't go into much details but two things happened: more of the good ones happened than bad, and I came to know who the perpetrator was. It took some time though but the suffering and mental torture was worth it for getting me where I am today and where I will be in future.

Case 10:-

I have had witnessed one such case... Of a senior. (4yrs back)
Nothing much .. She moved to a new city.. She broke contact with every classmate. For a few months she was  in every discussions of the school and college youth.. Then soon people forgot about her.. She moved on and people got new topics  to talk about (their rubbish stuff)
Time cures everything... 
There is nothing that is not cured with time.. Scars do remain.. But its not about the past... It's about how well you succeed in future. People talk... They will talk... But for a very less time period. 
And that girl, she is leading a happy life in the college in which she is completing her graduation. 
It might happen that if she happens to meet some acquaintances from her past. They may talk about that topic.. But if that girl becomes really very successful, then believe me my friend, no one will dare to say a word. 
As I've said, scars do remain, but its not about the past... It's about how well you succeed in future.
Everybody has a past. And we should respect the courage of the person who is trying to overcome that past.
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