Do guys care about the kind of underwear girls wear?

Like does it influence how attractive they find the girl? would guys find a girl more attractive if she wore g-strings or thongs? would they find her less attractive if she wore granny panties?


1) Strangely enough, the underwear that is supposed to be sexy is the least sexy to me.  The more standard looking underwear looks more attractive.  Not granny panties, but just normal cotton bikini style panties.  I looked at several pictures online and this is Jockey French Cut looks about the sexist to me. And on top, sports bras look about the sexiest to me.  Or standard bras too.  In terms of color, black, white, blue, or red are all good.  Basically, not brown, flesh tone,  or something that looks gross, dirty, or stained.

2) Lingerie can be very seductive or very playful. 

Some love the innocence of white cotton, some love the naughtiest black silk and lace, and some love the vavavoom of red satin.

The girl/woman remains as attractive in a bath towel but there are delicious feelings when carefully selecting your own lingerie wardrobe.

It may not matter to some but it's such a quiet pleasure.

3) As long as the size is correct, it doesn't make much of a difference to me. I would be more interested at the other things that I see, particularly the skin texture and body shape.

I believe that women should wear lingerie only to feel sexy in their own body, not to attract the man. The moment you are in a situation where you show yourself wearing only your underwear, it is safe to assume that he is already attracted to you anyway. Sexy underwear only indirectly pleases the other person through the confidence that it brings.

Likewise, it doesn't make a difference at all if you're wearing an expensive nailpolish vs. no nail polish. I would also prefer the no make up look -- I even have the impression that women who wear make up often or too thick are hiding something physical (like wrinkles) or psychological.

Simple is elegant.

4) Lingerie plays a very important part in seducing a guy.They are more likely to turn on by ur sexiness,which is brought by perfect Lingerie.And when it comes to underwear,guys are more in lace, satin and the off course not the granny panties.Those are really outdated.Guys are more interested in removing underwear.So they really don't care if u wear a cotton one or huge granny panties or sexy satin silk lace.But if u r intimating with the guy quite oftenly,if he is ur boyfriend..then girl..he will hell judge u on it. So if u are a fling girl,then u dnt have to worry about it,coz fling guys don't JUDGE u on ur underwear.But if u r in relationship with someone and it's been quite a while u are together,u gotta shop more lingerie than tees and jean.Cuz after a time..believe me..ur guy will definitely judge u on is urs...