Akshay Kumar a better actor than Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan?

Before I start my answer, I must say that this question is opinion-based, varies from person to person, and no one is "right" or "wrong". All three actors must be respected for their struggles, and their dedication to entertain us all.

Note:- I'm referring to Akshay Kumar as AK, Shahrukh as SRK, and Salman as SK.

My opinion:

Acting:- I think in this, AK wins. SRK has delivered numerous commendable performances, but he also tends to over-act, especially in comic roles. SK doesn't really act well, except the serious roles. He overdoes it in comic, under-does it in romantic. AK, however, does 'em all good.

Hard work: Though all have struggled a lot, I feel AK was the furthest from Bollywood and acting. SK had parental influence to support him, while SRK had done many plays. AK was a martial artist and later a chef. Still, AK as well as SRK are self-made stars.

However, one may rightly say that AK's choice of movies have not been as good as the others. Singh is King, Joker, etc were not really good. Also, his roles in several movies are noted to be similar, like Holiday, Baby; De Dana Dan, Housefull, etc, and the Khiladi series . Such films were often noted to be released in close succession, giving a repetitiveness.

SK has also been somewhat repetitive, with reference to Wanted, Bodyguard, Jai Ho,etc which are mainly just action and a shirtless him fighting.

SRK however has of late been doing different types of roles movie after movie. Despite being called the "King of Romance", his roles in Chak de India, MNIK, etc were extremely praised.

SK is however loved by many owing to his charm, especially in the TV show Bigg Boss. AK and SRK don't enjoy great TV presence.

I often find myself liking AK more than the other two, as his good movies are really engrossing (Baby) or uniquely interesting (Bhool Bhoolaiya); but then we can't forget the classics like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and My Name is Khan(MNIK) played by the Khans.

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source:- quora.com