A True Pakistani Patriot :- If Pakistan is able to capture Kashmir will they try to get other Indian states after that? Which state will be their next target?

Good question. If Pakistan were to capture Kashmir their next target would be to capture Baluchistan, Punjab and Sindh back from India. The strategic depth that Indian army has acquired through its modernized defence equipment will result in Pak getting cornered from multiple sides - land and sea both. The range of sea borne missile launchers that India had today is very different from just a decade back. The launchers are practically undetectable. So Indian response would be to corner Pak, encroach upon multiple states and get the upper hand in negotiations.

However in reality Pakistan will never be able to capture Kashmir.

We cannot predict how things will be in two-hundred years but one thing is for certain, it will not involve Pakistan occupying the entire Kashmir region by force. Pakistan's military is ridiculously outmatched by India's as far as conventional warfare is concerned. In words of Henry Kissinger, it'd be like Finland invading Soviet Union. 

Indian Army has warded off Pakistan attempts at regaining control of j&k for the past 70 odd years. If by any stroke of luck they do manage to get control of j&k, they will face stiff resistance. 

However as an academic exercise, lets assume they manage this takeover (mostly due to covert help by PLA). First on their list would be Punjab. Once you reach the plains, better roads and less harsh climate make the advance easier.

Also from the plains you could easily take control of the supply lines that support Himachal. Next in line could be Haryana and the part of western UP that is on the foothills of Uttarakhand which enables you to cut supplies there as well. Beyond this you could have some reinforcements through Rajasthan, but any further and supply lines would be getting stretched.

This is just a very crude guess at what the Pak Army course of campaign would look like without any Indian Army intervention. This is a wet dream of every ISI and Pak Army General, but thanks to Indian Army, it remains just that. An unfulfilled dream.

source:- quora.com